St. Andrew Catholic Church
Upper Arlington, OH
3/35 Austin
Opus 2771 - 1998

Swell Division

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Swell 02 The Swell Division is on the right side of the case. As we look inside, we see here on the left side of the walkway the 2' Mixture IV rank, as well as the 2' Flute.
Swell 11 This floor level view gives you some perspective in terms of how little space there is to walk through the case. It is difficult to not bump into things, especially when they stick out as can be seen with the mitered trumpet pipe towards the back.
Swell 03 Here's a better look at some of the pipes of the 8' Trompette rank. Again note the mitered pipes, and the pipes which have a combination tin/brass composition.
Swell 04 Most Swell boxes on an organ are jam packed full of pipes and this is no exception! This photo is a nice illustration of the many different variations in pipe construction. Ranks are as follows (from front to back): 8' Trompette, 4' Flute (wood pipes with the metal on top), 8' Rohr Flute (pipes with the red sleeve), 8' Viox Celeste, more pipes from 8' Rohr Flute rank, 8' Violin Diapason, 8' Viole de Gambe, 8' Hautbois (the pipes with the flared opening at the top), and finally in the back are (I think) the 16' Basson pipes.
Swell 06 Here's a look at the pipes on the left side of the case. Note how small the pipes are on the right side!
Swell 05 Here's a good illustration of how Austin marks their pipes. SW means it's the Swell Division, TR means Trumpet (or in this case Trompette), and G# is the pitch.
Swell 07 It isn't often you are able to actually look into a pipe! This photo affords that view, along with a look at my feet.
Swell 08 Looking towards the front of the case in the Swell Division we see the 2-2/3' Cornet II rank.
Swell 09 Here we see more marked pipe racks. In front is the 1-1/3' Quint, and behind it is the 2' Flute.
Swell 10 Reflecting the light of the organ case back to us is the other part of the Cornet 2-2/3' rank. Note that it does not have the physical characteristics of a real cornet.
Swell shades On the outside looking in we see the silhouette of the pipes through the swell shades. The shades on this organ are horizontal thus giving it a home window "mini-blind" look.
Swell One of this "signature" items of the Austin Pipe Organ Company is their version of a tremulant, which is nothing other than a glorified fan. Seen here in the upper left hand corner, when operating it wavers the sound of the pipes thus giving a vibrato sound. This could be called a poor man's tremulant since it mechanically is much less expensive and easier to maintain. However it doesn't give the full vibrato sound of a real tremulant.
Swell shade control Here's the control unit for the swell shades. I never knew a control unit for something so simple could be made to look sophisticated and complicated.

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